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The zealot soon overpowered Vincent but Marcel recovered in time to save his witch ally. Rebekah says she thought he was dead and accuses Marcel of being afraid of Klaus. He tells her that he knew her family and how they had many enemies, even among other werewolves. He scolded Elijah for daring to come back when he had nearly been killed by him the last time they faced each other. She assured him it would be fine and he might feel warmth when the spell began but it would pass once it was broken. You can't buy it. In Exquisite Corpse, he found that Davina was kidnapped by Eva after he learns of her criminal past from Vincent and is reunited with her once she and the other kidnapped victims are saved from Eva. Hearing Klaus snarl quietly Marcel felt a delicious thrill skid through his veins. Klaus later calls to say he knew Marcel did not bomb the wolves, told him Kieran died, and he had 24 hours to come help Cami and to bury his friend until his exile is re-instated. Elijah relented and Aya seethed over her loss. Marcel Gerard Quotes. During the gala, when it became clear that it was no party, but rather Marcel's initiation into The Strix, Tristan entered the ballroom and got the attendees' attention. Marcel, wanting to take advantage of the good will he had earned with them, demanded that he be given more of a reward for helping save Tristan, saying that the events of the day proved that The Strix needed him on their side, convincing them to let him deeper into The Strix's inner circle. Slave (Formerly)Klaus' Protégé (Formerly)Soldier (Formerly) Leader of the New Orleans VampiresLeader of his Vampire ArmyLeader of The Strix (Formerly)The Hollow's anchor to the living world (Formerly)Prisoner (Formerly) When they learned countless Strix were coming to defend the captive Originals, Lucien suggested Marcel just call them off but Marcel explained that if he did that, Aya would stage a coup and it would solve nothing. Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Aya, who had told Marcel she had an offer for him. She doesn't like that and he asks her for a favor. Klaus did so, biting Alistair and some of his followers to show them that he needed to keep Klaus around for his blood that could cure werewolf bites. She says she'd think about it, then leaves. In The Axeman's Letter, Marcel was enlisted by Elijah to figure out what Tristan was really doing in New Orleans. Vincent demanded that Marcel get the Mikaelsons back to New Orleans so he could heal Hope from the power that was draining the life from her, even going so far as to say she was in a way, Marcel's sister, since he was Klaus's adopted son. Unaware that Dahlia killed him, they believe that he was murdered by Klaus for his betrayal, and they mourn him together before Davina makes her way to Algiers, where Marcel is. They tell him and he gathers all the vampires in order to defeat Klaus and get the Originals out. What I don't get is why chastise Marcel for being a little arrogant, but then turn around and lick Klaus or Elijahs boots for doing the exact same thing. Davina is Marcel's favorite witch. In Red Door, Marcel briefly faces Mikael and unleashes a combination of attacks that successfully drive Mikael back but is very quickly brought down by Mikael who easily outmatches him. 1810 (New Orleans, Age 25/216) Later, Marcel told Josh how he was frustrated by his home being invaded by The Strix but also just as annoyed by Elijah treating him like a child. He was born on December 1st, 1984 to an African American father and Filipino mother. He soon after went to Vincent and told him about Tristan's plan for Van and the Regency. Davina doesn't tell him about Klaus and reminds him that she lives in the church. After Stefan and Elena sleep together, she finds a picture of a woman named Katherine Pierce who looks exactly like her. Rebekah ended their relationship and continued her own pursuit to defeat Klaus. The vampires quickly became more powerful. He calls Klaus and asks him to help Cami since he cannot go to her. Marcel, in stunned disbelief, demanded to know what Kol was still doing there, since he was supposed to have left the city. Once the spell was completed, Marcel took Davina to his loft, fearing Klaus' retaliation but she was furious with him for not believing in her and trying to stop the spell. [The Originals, Pre-Season 1] [Marcel Gerard X OFC] Disclaimer: I do not own The Originals. Davina arrived and after realizing she was gone, Marcel hugged her, both grieving for Camille. Vincent explained that the power he found was what drove Eva to be that monster and he was worried that power had returned. In You Hung the Moon, after Davina was attacked by another witch, Marcel told her that a show of force was needed. Marcel went to the exchange many other Strix members and watched as the Mikaelsons outsmarted Tristan and trapped him inside of a shipping crate with the Serratura. However, the dinner was revealed to be a test of loyalty as Aya brought out the witch Ariane to divine the Strix members' true intentions. Marcel possesses all the standard powers and abilities of an Upgraded Original Vampire but being only 200 plus years means he may have inferior strength and speed to Lucien who speed was so fast he was able to effortlessly dodge and anticipate any attacks that the Mikaelsons could physically throw. Klaus leaves and tells Marcel that they have a meeting to go to downstairs. Lucien, however, told Marcel that it wasn't just about de-siring, but also an execution. When Aya objected his claim, challenging him to what the charter dubbed "a game of kings", where whoever held the charter at midnight would be named the new leader of The Strix. Bonnie Bennett/Marcel Gerard; Bonnie Bennett; Marcel Gerard; Summary. He is best known for his role as Marcel Gerard on The CW television drama, The Originals, and currently stars as Special Agent Quentin Carter on "NCIS: New Orleans". In Brotherhood of the Damned, Marcel remembers his time in WW1 as he's trapped in The Abattoir. Klaus says that either he's lost his touch, or maybe Marcel had. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid. Josh questioned why they still cared, saying Marcel had played undercover leader, now he could just send them away from New Orleans. Cause of death It is unknown if he would have been strong enough to pull it out if it had gone into his chest like Mikael or Klaus could. Family information In addition to having no sires, the Originals are also stronger than even the oldest of … Marcel made clear that he only joined The Strix to figure out what they wanted with his city and was uneasy about possibly blowing his cover to investigate the society's leader. When he woke up, Davina was gone and he tried to get Vincent, Kol, and the Regent Van Nguyen to revive her immediately, worried it was too late. He went on to tell them that vampires from all over were coming to New Orleans looking for the last of the white oak so if The Strix wanted to protect themselves and their sireline, they'd need to help him make sure any potential enemies were neutralized. After he recovers and learns of Esther plan for Cami He along with Kol and Cami convinced Davina that shes the bigger enemy right now than Klaus. Marcel denies it and says that he's not afraid of anything. Klaus admits that he was jealous, he saw what Marcel had built and he wanted it. When the Harvest goes wrong and Davina doesn't come back to life, he is devastated and blames it on Klaus saying that he had everything under control until he came to the New Orleans. He put up a fight but was no match for Aya who relentlessly beat him down. Managing to kill Bastianna, Davina came back to life but she was different. Despite being the Governor's son, he was enslaved and worked on the plantation until he happened to meet Klaus during his half-brother's funeral. Elijah comes to Marcel's aide with Klaus. Marcel, however, still remains emotional as Klaus' taunts easily provoked Marcel into using Tunde's Dagger on Klaus. Vincent, Sofya, Klaus, even Rebekah. In Ne Me Quitte Pas, Later, he shows concern when Davina is missing and Cami tells him she snuck out to meet a guy. “Thank you for finally joining us.” You slipped your hand in his and gave him a flirty smile. Marcel then kills the wolf. This article has been identified as an article that needs help. Marcel is currently mourning her death. He let them leave and then celebrated the victory with Sofya. He kept Klaus in a dungeon beneath the compound, letting him suffer and rot for the endless crimes he had committed. . 1.6K 31 0. Marcel had Josh ask Davina for help finding them and they found their bodies, covered in werewolf bites, having been tortured and torn apart near the site of Jackson's death. At some point, Marcel decided that Klaus had suffered enough and released him from the torment of Papa Tunde's Blade, showing mercy which he claimed Klaus asked for. Marcel's concerns were proven to be true when Rebekah asked to meet him at the cemetery to buy her siblings time to rescue Klaus. When Marcel learned it was to rescue Tristan who had been taken hostage by the Originals, he believed it was a suicide mission.
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