Now, if you don’t have time to pursue such a course fulltime and you are willing to get dirty, you can change your life by registering for any of the popular short technical courses in Kenya. You can also self-train for free on YouTube or buy a relevant course on Udemy. Jobs are aplenty since very few Kenyans have cyber security qualifications. Kenyans who are proficient in both local and foreign languages work as translators in courts, conferences, and elsewhere. You don’t even have to attend a formal college for these…. This is another course you can use to make money as an online freelancer. Having a CCNA validates your foundational knowledge in network types, networking devices such as routers/switches, network troubleshooting techniques, etc. If possible, you should take a CISCO certification course alongside this course as employers tend to favor those with both. I should add that you should carefully weigh your interests before investing in any short training courses in Nairobi or anywhere else for that matter. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You can easily confirm this by checking recent business-related job advertisements in Kenya. Even at the certificate level, sales and marketing jobs can be very promising. var prefix = 'mailto:'; These courses are mostly delivered virtually by experienced online workers.