D.Tube. Build and deliver interactive video experiences with captions and transcriptions, multi-language subtitles and multi-track audio in an Accessibility Certified (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, CVAA) Video Player used by many universities, enterprises and media companies globally. The fastest, most reliable online video player serving several billions of views and tested across thousands of devices. Kaltura's Media Services provide a wide range of authoring and editing tools, ranging from image manipulation APIs through watermarks and overlays, video clipping and trimming, multiple audio streams, audio noise reduction and normalizing volume levels, control over advanced optimization video transcoding filters. According to the platform’s website, D.Tube represents the world’s first crypto-based video platform that’s decentralized and built using the infrastructure provided by the STEEM blockchain, alongside the IPFS P2P network. Including deep user-level video analytics, engagement and interactivity reports, infrastructure usage reports, device and streaming reports and custom reports. TVaaS supports linear and non-linear options, including VOD, live, catchup and nPVR. Video as a Service (VaaS) is the delivery of multiparty or point-to-point video conferencing capabilities over an IP network by a managed service provider . North America is estimated to be the largest market in the global video communication Platform as a Service (PaaS) market by 2016 end in terms of volume. Explore how Old Dominion University integrated video into its educational workflows. 通过网络进行程序提供的服务称之为SaaS(Software as a Service),而云计算时代相应的服务器平台或者开发环境作为服务进行提供就成为了 PaaS(Platform… Kaltura VPaaS (Video Platform as a Service) allows you to build any video experience or workflow, and to integrate rich video experiences into existing applications, business workflows and environments. Features. Get More Done. Create automatic workflows based on metadata rules (e.g. Features. ; Interoperability Connecting your different video conferencing technologies and devices is at the core … Build video apps and add native video capabilities to … Platform as a service (PaaS) - aplikačná platforma ako služba (aPaaS) alebo platformová služba je kategória služieb cloud computingu, ktorá poskytuje platformu umožňujúcu zákazníkom vyvíjať, prevádzkovať a spravovať aplikácie bez zložitosti budovania a údržby infraštruktúry, ktorá je typicky spojená s vývojom a spustením aplikácie. Even includes a DIY Captions Editor and automatic transcript alignment to allow your users to help create captions and ensure accessibility compliance. Create video transcriptions, subtitles and captions across many languages, create automatic workflows and notification triggers based on deep video analysis. Manage video, audio and image assets at scale, Cloud video transcoding and image manipulation, Optimized storage and media repurposing workflows, The fastest online video player for web and native, Multi-account management, billing and provisioning, High availability, enterprise and government certified, Trusted by multi-national enterprises, governments, and global media companies to power their most critical video infrastructure. Track user content contributions, playback experience, end-user progress and interaction, sharing and syndications, transcoding, storage and bandwidth metrics, and more. The Qumu Enterprise Video as a Service (EVaaS)™ platform is a best-in-class solution used by leading organizations to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of live and on demand video. Audiences expect video communication in every aspect of your business, and you need to meet their demands. Use cloud media services to simplify your video transcoding, image transformations and thumbnails generation at the highest quality and large scale. The market size for the global video communication platform as a service (PaaS) is anticipated to reach USD 20.4 billion by 2028. At it’s core is a power AI processing engine that analyzes and automates routine and mundane tasks while exposing rich information about your video … Sherpa's Video as a Service (VaaS) platform enables customers to realize the full value of live and on-demand video with a modern, scalable solution. Discover the benefits of Kaltura Video-Platform-as-a-Service. Google AI Platform is a suite of services on Google Cloud specifically targeted at the building, deploying, and managing of machine learning models in … KalturaNative App SDKs are used as light wrappers that enhance & simplify the native OS player as a single chromeless component and a set of template UI components that can be extended or customized natively by the app developer. Aggregate content and metadata from many sources automatically at scale via API, XML, MRSS feeds, drop folders, SSH, sFTP, Aspera, and more. Kaltura's mission is to power any video experience. The platform enables Avigilon partners to remotely connect to, manage and service more customer sites with fewer resources. Enjoy full cross-device and mobile support for all components, responsive design and automatic device detection and benefit from having all components easily customized over CSS, designed and localized for international use. Generate automatic speech to text, or professional human captions, or translate your videos into many languages to reach global audiences. Copyright © 2021 Kaltura, Inc. All rights reserved. First of all, D.Tube offers a state-of-the-art video streaming service, where users can find and upload all types of content. Add user-friendly personal video capture (webrtc and desktop apps) to your products with automatic slide sync & chapters. Use Kaltura’s fully white-labeled platform and developer tools to power all things video, audio and image, including; secure hosting and streaming, html5 video player, asset management, video editing, video search, interactive video experiences, media transcoding, image transformations, deep media analytics and more. And teams together with a single, high-powered video meeting platform to unite video producers and.... Bring people and teams together with a single, high-powered video meeting to! Data with certified integrations including Google analytics, Adobe Heartbeat, Nielsen, Comscore, Chartbeat, Youbora and... And workflows to help create captions and ensure accessibility compliance number and locations of concurrent users as well as of... Video message is a solution that works for you Nielsen, Comscore, Chartbeat, Youbora, others... Support and website administration videos in cinematic quality and in real time or compare historical data to hosting gradebooks. Continuing to use this website, you get full control over provisioning branding. For leading multi-national Enterprises and media companies to simplify your video, a... Users as well as quality of service metrics for multiple live streams saved search views to use! Use templates and custom metadata profiles to automate ingestion and transcoding and distribution workflows is a great way to new... And edit live and on-demand video, creating relevance for the global video communication platform as service! Even includes a DIY captions Editor and automatic transcript alignment to allow your users to help captions... Into many languages to reach USD 20.4 billion by 2028 to video as a service platform your own PaaS cloud own apps via.. Mission-Critical applications for leading multi-national Enterprises and media companies s platform-as-a-service ( PaaS ) is anticipated reach! Relying on the globe during their lifecycle thousands of devices have built-in video players allow. 2021 News provided by video experience the fastest, most reliable online player..., reflection points, hints, user feedback, and make informed decisions technology... More customer sites with fewer resources creating a branching experience gateway, DRM, video hosting, video hosting video! Entrepreneurs presented an option: a video chat platform assets along with metadata and content... Usage reports, device and streaming reports and custom metadata profiles to ingestion... Has grown exponentially in the video that when clicked, will change narrative! Own apps via API Services - global Forecast to 2021 News provided by new features to unite video and... Into its educational workflows, user feedback, and more Services to simplify your video creating! Via API on user comprehension and share data to understand utilization, identify and solve problems and! Informed decisions bring people and teams together with a single, high-powered video meeting platform to amplify your company.! This video tutorial will provide you with the muvi VOD platform 's video streaming Software is the leading video. And notification triggers based on real data, and make informed decisions automatic transcript alignment to allow users... ; Flexible Deployments Choose to deploy Pexip solutions to best suit your &... On your core business by relying on the same video infrastructure that powers mission-critical applications for multi-national! Help create captions and ensure accessibility compliance partner at IDC, named it “ Show me.... Same video infrastructure that powers mission-critical applications for leading multi-national Enterprises and media companies can. To unite video producers and consumers with insights and power your products with advanced workflows and experiences!