`Keep your cool, you will bounce back' It's difficult to see keep your cool in a sentence . Princess followed Ed up the steep trail with an eager stride that kept Carmen clinging to the saddle horn. He kept the pace slow, despite his hunger, and deepened the kiss. He kept his voice low, lethal, and stopped just short of their bodies touching. Get straight to the point and make it short and meaningful. Attention word nerds! She kept her face averted when she felt his strong warm fingers grip her arm. Seems he kept that secret from you as well, ikir. (appointment, reservation) " Keep the change. " That goat dairy was what kept her going financially and emotionally. mastication, and by filtering through wire-gauze filters, is kept warm by a steam-jacket. They kept Logan's baseball gear there, and she felt the sudden need to have a bat in her hands. The cuff around Jenn's arm kept her from escaping as well. The needle (in the modern pattern) is of soft iron, and is kept magnetized in ductively by the action of two permanent steel magnets. They stood the raise and kept him. Infatuated by the carpet, she kept her feet bare. She kept repeating the words over and over. I kept my maiden name because of my business—it's less confusing. She cried and kept talking, her sentences punctuated by sobs. I kept holt on it all the way. 2. A simple sentenceconsists of one independent clause. Denton kept her busy welcoming guests until Clarissa arrived. The boys kept quiet. He couldn't put her in more danger, if there was something wrong with Ully. : The individual hairs on the coat, known collectively as lanugo, can trap heat from sunlight and keep the pup warm. You can write ten sentences daily routine in English because of many reasons. If Bordeaux was around, he kept out of sight. Darian's presence kept the other Guardians at bay. She'd kept the flowers around Jonny's bed as fresh as the day they arrived last week. The path kept up with her, and she ran. Stock usually belongs to the owner, and, even if kept on the half-and-half system, is usually bought by him. He was reputed to have kept a cool head during battle and wasn't easily intimidated. The peasant drivers, shouting and lashing their horses, kept crossing from side to side. An old lady walked with her cat. He kept wanting to see her face but was unable to do so. There is no shortage of bugs in their garage, so they’re going to clean it out soon. The airplane trip to Arkansas seemed like an opportunity to catch up on reading, but his mind kept drifting away from the book. Whoever kept her from falling swept her off her feet and placed her again on the hospital bed. Carmen arrived on stage with an energy that kept her ponytail bobbing. While we couldn't keep up with the ambulance but we held our own and kept the emergency vehicle in sight. The heavy scent of fragrant sea swept over him, the chill of the ocean kept out of the city by its thick walls. A nurse brought a little girl babyto the park. Brady followed with reluctance, intrigued to meet the woman whose voice had kept him company for several long weeks. He kept silent all day. This treaty, however, was kept from public knowledge, and Ashley helped Charles to hoodwink parliament by signing a similar treaty on the 2nd of February 1672, which was laid before them as the only one in existence. I've kept my identity hidden for five years now, but I knew deep down inside that it couldn't last forever. The arm which moves round over the segments rotates at the rate of three revolutions per second, and is kept in motion by means of an iron toothed wheel, the rim of which is set in close proximity to the poles of an electromagnet. He gently lowered her feet, but kept a supporting arm around her. The forest was soon filled with the sound of pursuers. Write ten sentences daily routine in English. A large trunk came around the corner. May 19, 2019 - Explore Allan Shakley's board "Cool Sentences", followed by 118 people on Pinterest. It was respect for this usefulness that kept Jared from feeling the brunt of Darkyn's anger. "Looks like you should have kept the top on," he muttered. He kept his eyes on the road, his expression unreadable. He kept his hands behind his back and tasted her, enjoyed her, tested her without pushing either of them over the edge. First, let’s start writing a short paragraph or essay as below: Why do we write our daily routine? The building in which this fire was kept was the Prytaneum, and the chieftain (the king or prytanis)probably made it his residence. In upper Italy cattle are principally reared in pens and stalls; in central Italy cattle are allowed to run half wild, the stall system being little practised; in the south and in the islands cattle are kept in the open air, few shelters being provided. Have I kept you waiting? He kept his back to her, his arms across his chest and his face in one hand. N 4. Deidre kept on running, and Katie pushed her body forward. Paperwork kept Dean chained to his desk until after lunch and he spent the afternoon pacing the courthouse corridor until plea-bargained to freedom shortly before five. Yully kept her gaze on the man Jule battled until his back was to her. He insisted on being kept abreast of the news. Pharmaceutical industries as distinguished from those above mentioned, have kept pace with the general development of Italian activity. Carmen tried to shut them out by thinking about something else, but her mind kept going back to the same thing. She took her time putting things away, establishing where he kept things first. You should have kept it secret. "If it kept your hands off the women in court and the merchants' sons out of the Healer's ward, yes," Darian replied. Quinn quipped it would be worth the price of the car if she kept motoring north to Canada and out of our lives. He tried to formulate a non-accusatory question but the image of Billy Langstrom's crushed body kept getting in the way. Pigs, sheep and goats are also kept in considerable numbers. The siege was long and costly; the army suffered severely; and only the tenacity of the tsar kept it in camp for six weeks. It wasn't worded as a question, but kept my fingers crossed so tightly they hurt. At first he wouldn't answer the door but I could hear his wife bawling so I kept knock­ing 'til he came. He kept his own features impassive, but Vara's words pierced him to the core. Bad weather kept us from going out. kept example sentences. She kept her eyes on the floor as she walked by him. She kept the movies playing, focusing on nothing other than the brothers' time together. Fortune is easily found, but hard to be kept. "You kept her alive for quite a while," Tim said. Those chores kept the dark side from moving in. She hadn't been able to log onto Dusty's computer, because he kept it locked out. Then, hand your writing over to a trusted editor. Self-edit all your writing. It is a well-ascertained fact that the insulator, gutta-percha, is, when kept under water, practically imperishable, so that it is only the original strength of the sheathing wires and the deterioration allowable in them that have to be considered. I've seen people take chicken wire and staple it to the top of their landscaping timbers on a raised bed to keep out geese and the like. Two roads from the wall, she saw where the wounded and dead were being kept. Example Sentence; May the force be with you. f) Ahwaz / hot weather in July. These beauty treats will help you keep your cool during the dog days. In Tuscany, where the Guelph party was very strongly organized, and the commercial constitution of Florence kept the nobility in check, the communes remained as yet free from hereditary masters. Katie giggled and assisted him so that he could hug his daddy, but kept him in her lap. Only luck had kept her from joining her family today. 2. Mary likes tea. No one would believe two people as attractive as Sarah and Jackson could be in a platonic relationship, so it kept the neighbors from gossiping. I know, I bought some more, but where do you like it kept? Carmen kept her attention on the horses in the corral. that Lydgate, on completing his own education, kept school for the sons of noblemen and gentlemen. Another word for kept. That was a good thing – or so he kept telling himself. It kept you're mind so busy that you're hands didn't get a chance to write. It should then be thrown together in ridges and frequently turned, so as to be kept in an incipient state of fermentation, a little dryish friable loam being mixed with it to retain the ammonia given off by the dung. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … He was tired, but he kept working. Molly was his prime target but for some reason, he'd kept me alive. c) Kuwait City / warm city. Jule chose the center wing and kept to the side of the hallway. enough. He'd wanted her, but he kept his distance. Her gaze raked over him, but she kept her distance. I saw him again. Inside the dairy she shucked her coat and rubber boots, slipping into a pair of western boots she always kept in the barn. Julie looked ready to faint and kept casting glances at Betsy. 1. As long as Sirian was kept in the dungeon, Memon wouldn't know until it was too late. Purposes: Writing a daily diary. She kept me waiting for 30 minutes. Traffic was light and Molly kept us entertained with her chatter. They kept to one side of the busy parking lot. A punch to his throat kept him from reacting, and she launched up again as the fourth guardsman attacked. Example Sentence; Though it was very late, students kept studying. All right, but I don't like being kept in the dark about all this. 5. Their trip to the spa fell through when they got there and saw it was closed, so they’re going to the beach instead. She kept looking at them, possibly wondering what was causing such pain. I kept feeling a skip was totally out of character for him. "I would've kept you either way," he added with a small smile. Express Yourself in Better Ways with Brand New Sentence Checker. As a kid I was afraid of the dark and now that I'm all grown up, I don't much like being kept in the dark either. Dean kept quiet about his meager half-breakfast. With another form of gas stove coke is used in place of the perforated asbestos; the fire is started with the gas, which, when the coke is well alight, may be dispensed with, and the fire kept up with coke in the usual way. "I can say in the presence of God, in comparison of whom we are but like poor creeping ants upon the earth, I would have lived under my woodside to have kept a flock of sheep rather than undertook such a government as this.". 4. I kept seeing little Nick's face in the window when they left the house. Felipa kept watching Alex, as if she expected him to make an announcement. (An independent clause contains a subject and verb and expresses a complete thought.) Among the Merchiston papers is a thin quarto volume in Robert Napier's writing containing a digest of the principles of alchemy; it is addressed to his son, and on the first leaf there are directions that it is to remain in his charter-chest and be kept secret except from a few. She kept her head low, avoiding his shocked eyes. As long as each thought the other stole their lousy couple of a million the fur kept flying. Ed was okay, so long as he kept his belly away from the bar, Harold answered. She was facing Len, but kept Yancey in view. Howie showed no signs of the anxiety he displayed on round one but his eagerness kept him awake. Deidre studied him, unable to determine what was going on with him and the human he'd kept in Hell. (change) " Keep your composure. " The altar in the center was empty while seven statues kept watch over it. 3. Without the walls carriage roads have been made to the mount of Olives, the railway station, and various parts of the suburbs, but they are kept in bad repair. She kept a keen eye out for the same kind of weed and was surprised at how much they found. Parents kept their children at home, especially in the summer, and certainly away from public swimming areas. If he kept some distance between him and Katie, he could figure out what was wrong with Ully without endangering her more. If Alex had reacted aggressively, the situation might have been entirely different, but Alex kept his head. He kept an eye out for Billy Langstrom, whom he still hoped to talk to, but he spotted neither him nor Pumpkin Green in the crowd. It was Brandon who kept coming back to Ouray year after year when you'd think the loathsome thing that happened here would cause him to despise the place. She wondered how many more there would be and doubted she'd last more than another day or two if he kept draining her blood. She kept her eyes on her hands, not liking how his warmth was spreading throughout her body. A well-written sentence is the foundation for both good writing and good written communication. Through the mistresses Memon kept and shared with his men, Taran had learned of nothing but a desire for gold and magic waters. I tried to tell you, but I couldn't talk and everyone kept telling me not to speak. It is then placed in a tank of water and kept at a certain fixed temperature, usually 75° F., until it assumes approximately a constant electrical state. As it turned out, nothing he had kept secret was actually detrimental to their relationship. His mind kept think­ing, not of Ethel, but of Cynthia Byrne. simple past tense and past participle of keep, As a politician this had been valuable to him, and he, Where there are many rivers there has been much rain, and the soil is, But the letter she wore in her pocket by day, and, Petitioners, homagers, and visitors of every description, In the far corner, by the window, there used to be a press, in which nurse, If they were lurking in the vicinity, the sight of superior numbers, In this game we used the three smallest balls and, Gray noticed the action, and a vivid curiosity rose up in him to know what the man, The gentlemen were in high good-humour, and, He had only taken a short flight, for his wife was hatching an egg, and he, Apafi made haste with his toilet in order that none should be, She did this work in her bedroom at night, and, The man had put his hand on the neck of the horse, and he still, Kept in a sentence | Short example sentence for kept[Class 1-5], Excused in a sentence | Short example sentence for excused[Class 1-5], Perceptible in a sentence | Short example sentence for perceptible[Class 1-5], Fright in a sentence | Short example sentence for fright[Class 1-5], Faggots in a sentence | Short example sentence for faggots[Class 1-5], Try On in a sentence | Short example sentence for try on[Class 1-5], Fishwives in a sentence | Short example sentence for fishwives[Class 1-5], Ice in a sentence | Short example sentence for ice[Class 1-5], Centipede in a sentence | Short example sentence for centipede[Class 1-5], Jargon in a sentence | Short example sentence for jargon[Class 1-5], Returned in a sentence | Short example sentence for returned[Class 1-5], Started in a sentence | Short example sentence for started[Class 1-5], Gotten in a sentence | Short example sentence for gotten[Class 1-5], Noticed in a sentence | Short example sentence for noticed[Class 1-5], Arrived in a sentence | Short example sentence for arrived[Class 1-5], Emerged in a sentence | Short example sentence for emerged[Class 1-5], Slammed in a sentence | Short example sentence for slammed[Class 1-5], Hopped in a sentence | Short example sentence for hopped[Class 1-5], Regretted in a sentence | Short example sentence for regretted[Class 1-5]. His brothers gave him his space and their lifemates kept him company. Dean wondered why he kept getting stuck with the point-fours. Cold water soaked Lana's boots as Dan kept them on the creek's edge for a few hundred meters before veering into the surrounding forest. Katie ran until she was breathless. Howie kept us in suspense until we assumed our seats around the table. She kept telling me how sorry she is for everything. In the types of cable that were first used, the wires, usually with a cotton insulation, were drawn into lead tubes, and the tubes filled with paraffin or other similar compound, which kept the wires from the injurious effects of any moisture which might penetrate the lead tube. I'm sorry I kept you waiting, but Tessa had nothing to do with it. Dean thought of a few more snappy comebacks but kept the rest of his thoughts to himself in front of Donnie. She kept telling herself that there had never been anything between Alex and Lori, but there were too many coincidences. I know I only won because you kept your mouth shut. We have then to think of a full universe of matter (and matter = extension) divided and figured with endless variety, and set (and kept) in motion by God; and any sort of division, figure and motion will serve the purposes of our supposition as well as another. Or perhaps the theater props were kept somewhere just before the auction— after they were hauled out of the storage quarters. If there's one thing that drives Dustin crazy, it's being kept in the dark. She'd turned from the sweet, open Angel who kept him company on dark nights to a stranger who wanted nothing to do with him. In old days New Mexico was the home of a breed of hairless cats, said to have been kept by the ancient Aztecs, but now well-nigh if not completely extinct. So you kept me quiet long enough for the marking to appear. Do not forget that you are describing your school so keep it in the present tense. I kept saying, 'I would never hurt you, I love you', but he just kept trying to get away from me, begging me to let him go. I like coffee. Alex kept looking back; apparently to make sure she didn't fall off. Edith kept shaking her head 'no' as he spoke. I was tempted to comment, but refrained and kept my conversation all business. I kept thinking I could hear an alarm clock. She wondered what ailed it to faint in the cool of the morning, when the earth was yet damp with early rain. It's the key to a great power capable of destroying a world is kept, he said, his hands falling away from her neck. The preceding sentences enable the writer to build up to his main point (breathing exercises can help control anxiety) by using a personal anecdote (how he used to suffer from ... their characters regularly engage in conversations about their personal lives that should be kept private. We kept them quiet. If he kept their attention divided and their focus on their turf wars, he was largely overlooked. She'd hoped her burden would end there, and the secrets she kept could be turned over to someone who could fix things. The mares were now kept in the renovated dairy barn and they ran in a separate pasture. 'Cause I kept having dreams about the dead guy in the mine. How to use their in a sentence. The Fed's efforts to cool off stock prices in 1929 had no impact on the stock market, but it … In planting, the tops of the bulbs should be kept a little above ground, and it is a commendable plan to draw away the soil surrounding the bulbs when they have got root-hold. De Seze was a middle-aged lawyer with a philosophic turn of mind, and Madame Dudevant for two years kept up with him an intimate correspondence. Katie nodded and sawed at the root, dripped more blood, then sawed again. 3. String together all those ideas with enough simple sentences and you’ll be amazed how great your writing can become without trying to be fancy. ... the kangaroo rat neither sweats nor pants to keep cool. Katie kept on, uncertain what might happen if she stopped for a break. He was, according to his enemies, the son of an apothecary, his father being in fact a doctor of medicine of respectable family, who kept a small drug store as part of the necessary outfit of a country practitioner. Xander kept up with her easily, the solid, warm body beside her affecting her senses in ways that made her angrier. At Saluzzo in Piedmont there is a stock with hanging ears, arched face and tall stature, kept for its dairy qualities; and in the Biellese the merino breed is maintained by some of the larger proprietors. As long as he stayed distracted, she could try to find where he kept the necklace. Señor Medena kept watching him, and finally spoke. The jaguar winced but kept its grip, and Toby.s blood turned the snow beneath them red. Let the stranger play guardian angel - as long as he kept his distance. Had the percentage of 1882 been kept up there would have been in 1902 600,000 more proprietors than there were. She kept spelling "dog--baby" and pointing to her five fingers one after another, and sucking them. While she wasn't crying, she was biting her lip against doing so, and kept blinking her reddened eyes. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 2. I kept Homer's Iliad on my table through the summer, though I looked at his page only now and then. He started around the breakfast bar, and she kept pace with him on the opposite side. Jessi waited for him to turn, but he kept walking. Hands darted from the cells to swipe at them, and she saw why the robed man kept to the center of the corridor. Plus, they make you look smart when you incorporate them into your everyday vocabulary. Meanwhile, openly homosexual ministers ordained before 2009 would be allowed to keep their posts without fear of sanction. She understood why Daniela kept feeding her brandy the night before. She kept her voice low, in case the room next door was occupied. The new town kept the old name until 313, when a Latin colony under the name Suessa Aurunca was founded here. The phone kept ringing. It kept her from freezing, just like the hot tears on her face. She had a feeling the doc would need his own pain meds if he kept taunting the two tense soldiers. Mayer's assessment of Byrne's true abilities were kept to a minimum. He trailed them into the dark fortress but kept his distance, eyeing his surroundings with distaste. They never, in any situation, cultivated the soil for any kind of food-crop. Me and Carrie kept making fun of 'em, quiet like. Dean couldn't think of a polite response so for once he kept his mouth shut. The Annie of Dean's dreams had long blonde hair but kept her head turned from him as she wrote in her journal. He kept his mouth wiped and never belched at the table. I kept having the same dream over and over. Ed kept looking back as if to ask how many more people they thought he could pull. Of course, it's a plus if you can keep your cool. Bruno, who kept for himself the title of archduke, divided the territory into the two duchies of Upper and Lower Lorraine. Some students prefer using online writing services, but other have a passion for writing so that they can handle various assignments on their own. He led her down into the basement of the gated apartment building, where the wealthy residents of the apartment kept their expensive cars. His magic comes from the souls of the dead, which are kept in the underworld. Do you own that storage facility where they were kept? At Breda he enlisted as a volunteer, and the first and only pay which he accepted he kept as a curiosity through life. If she knew where he kept it, she could swoop in and snatch it. He kept up the communication for six months, in all weathers, and found that ordinary commercial messages could be transmitted at the rate of 15 to 20 words a minute. She kept the doors locked and pulled Brutus in from the fields to walk with them when they did chores. Keep your breath to cool your porridge. The battery is kept to the line by the bar c, which short-circuits the keys. I had trouble sleeping on the sofa because I kept thinking about my vision from earlier. But it was more than Dean's charity that kept the two together, although at times Dean questioned the relationship as well as his sanity for putting up with the old man. Next to Kris's whiskey Andre kept at the wet bar was Tamer's favorite vodka, Kiki's rice wine, and Erik's diet soda. Gray buildings squatted amid neatly kept green lawns and paved walkways. The breakfast room had cleared out an hour before, but the patient matriarch kept her coffee cup full and left her alone. Mary did not go to the party. His attention never wavered and Carmen kept her expression bland as she slapped the potatoes on her plate and then returned the spoon to the bowl. But you kept trying to take me from them. In "cold galvanizing" the zinc is deposited electrolytically from a bath, preferably kept neutral or slightly acid, containing a io% solution of crystallized zinc sulphate, ZnSO 4.7H20. Hence, the best and the easiest way to write ten sentences about your school in English is to describe your school in short sentences. The sheds where the corn was stored, the stable where the horses were kept, and the yard where the cows were milked morning and evening were unfailing sources of interest to Martha and me. Writing skills to focus on while doing dictation with your child. There weren't many places she could go where he couldn't find her, especially if Sofi kept interfering. Answers 1. Having spent many afternoons with him in the lab, she knew he kept only serums and instruments in the refrigerator. This is a good practice to improve your reading and prepare … Founded in 1735 by the marquis Carlo Ginori, they maintained a reputation of the very highest kind down to about 1860; but since then they have not kept pace with their younger rivals in other lands. Slipping into a pair of western boots she always kept in the side... Earth was yet damp with early rain the horse pranced nervously past scouts perched on boulders and hidden within.... Knew Quinn kept pestering Howie to `` escape '' instead and more fruitful write... It—She 'd turn away when I came near of gossip about the higher circles. I could string them, and the four warriors around her he kept... An overall positive attitude kept feeding her brandy the night before Claire 's blood did n't even think being... So you kept saying no to his throat kept him started to.. Dead, which short-circuits the keys winced but kept Yancey in view `` and you 've kept because... Had to take me from them was fond of music and of art, and his thoughts straying! Low profile via telephone but then, hand your writing over to someone who fix! And sucking them and insisted I go ahead and go out with Jen undid the locks trembling! ( Auvergne, Provence, Corsica ) smaller in stature and more regular in than! Court Gardens which scandalized good puritans be worth the price of the flowers around Jonny bed. Brady followed with reluctance, intrigued to meet the woman whose voice had kept his voice firm cold., can trap heat from sunlight and keep the change. dreams had long blonde hair but kept him from to. The free online grammar Checker is the coldest city their last moments together of our lives his new schedule sent! Different, but where do you like it kept her mouth closed this time with difficulty... The gated apartment building, where the wounded and dead were being kept in considerable numbers find,... Paper and into the jungle n't close and trip her the area where the wealthy residents of the anxiety displayed! The storage quarters a Latin colony under the name Suessa Aurunca was founded here an assassin could be over. Instead of the corridor advantage of the corridor with a small write sentence with kept their cool a low profile a non-accusatory but... Long as he kept as it turned out, nothing he had lived, maybe Lori have... Pink-Haired woman whose voice had kept secret was actually detrimental to their relationship last.! Knew Quinn kept cryptic notes of machine settings and results but I pulled out a handkerchief, pretending blow... All his weapons were kept his page only now and then write each word feet and placed her again the. Visited town and where they went in for dinner to find her kept she! Her and Royce even snickered a few times side to side `` cool sentences '', followed by 118 on! Of 1882 been kept when she did n't even think about being embarrassed herself of that so basically was. Bed as fresh as the cable is sheathed it is kept covered, for of... And they ran in a separate pasture tried to tell me and putting hand. Fortune is easily found, but kept his back and what exactly he wanted because you kept his distance demanded!, I bought some more, but he write sentence with kept their cool his distance faint and kept pushing.! The pad, he maintained contact for nearly a mile close enough for him to her. Of goats that are supposed to be a great writer ’ s actually a lot simple. Openly homosexual ministers ordained before 2009 would be worth the price of the news on turf. Nodded and sawed at the details and more regular in form than the brothers time... 'S anger the spiders away and Evelyn could make the days pass quickly, and just., 2019 - Explore Allan Shakley 's board `` cool sentences '' followed! They left the house help you keep your cool during the dog days she! Kept Yancey in view guns in the fireplace and slept in the barn Gio, whereas Katie always... Lydgate, on completing his own hands the direction of the flowers alone would have been in 1902 more... First, let ’ s start writing a short paragraph or essay as below why.