(stupid, I know) I was in the middle of working on it, with no good reason to get out at that moment. Shit is no joke. Lights and toothbrushes would turn on/off on their own, pictures would move or DVDs would fall for no reason. 36. This was when I started getting creeped out a bit by her stories. D: No. My mom went to walk out of her room when she clearly heard her grandfather’s voice angrily say, “Your mother!” He was angry with her when he was alive. I was stunned. Nightmare all on its own. This was the first time I had ever been in John’s house, and I was on the look out all day for something weird. 47. As soon as they started screaming it stopped and a voice came out of the radio saying “sorry to have bothered you, I’ll leave you alone now”… Drapes went back in place, music comes back on. Shut me right up. Footsteps- leading from unfinished room to the bathroom- then nothing. First, in October of 2017, I was laying her down for bed, in the dark, with only moonlight lighting the bedroom. To food containers being open in the fridge that I hadn’t touched yet. The door that led to the unfinished room would not stay closed or locked. The worst part- the door. We had a baby monitor because he was on oxygen and therefore on a pulse ox monitor so I wanted to be able to hear his alarm go off. Didn’t think anything of it at first, but when you find shit moving on more than one occasion, it makes you look over your shoulder at the rafters and wonder…. This house had a coal-shoot from when it was heated by coal back in the day. I went back to the bathroom and almost right after I shut the door again I heard more knocking. My uncle replied, “Yea, she has been dead for about 100 years.”. To cut this part of the story short, I was piqued about the haunted house, and was already half resolved to take it. I actually felt a “weight” setting foot in front of me. As a kid I saw a lot of shadows, heard a lot of weird noises, the usual. The den was a big open space, there was nowhere for anyone to hide in that short amount of time. She said he was hiding. He went on to say that she died because she couldn’t breathe. I’ve posted this in another subreddit as well, and received advice to engage her further in conversation when it comes up. I ran out of my room to get one of my sisters to see if they could hear it, too. 18. The lights from the street always were on so in the dark I could easily make out the outline of where my TV was. As I’m doing so the detachable shower head I had went flying off at me, hit the end of his rope and swings down. They may inspire screenplays, novels, short stories, or even smaller moments that you can include in what stories you are already writing or what you will create in your upcoming projects. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. My uncle’s house out on a very eastern part of NY was said to be haunted due to the family that used to own it in the 1800’s decided not to give it to the stableman and sold it instead. Several instances come to mind. 19. just drop the rope and it will via magic extend up through the hole. Lived in turnquist in MD, plane went down in the area killing 300. Suddenly, the door to the room slammed shut. The scariest haunted house of 2017 is a giant walk-through attraction located in the former Georgia Antique Center in the outskirts of Atlanta. I would wake up and sit up in bed every single night at 2:59-3:01am. I could make out her figure so clear. So when we got home we shout “hi we’re home, did you have a good day?” Over time the house settled and we didn’t get anymore trouble. When the sun goes down at the edge of town And the moon rises glorious yellow, There's something in Halloween's glowing time That makes all the ghosties quite mellow. Got divorced, dad stayed living in the house and ended up taking his own life in that house. I used to be a server for an old church/school that was definitely haunted. 37. This happened about three times. Very strange. Built in 1856 in the Greek Revival style, this … The groundwork for a frightening haunted house experience lies in design. Ran into my sister’s room not long after screaming about the man in her room yelling at her. When I woke her up to tell her an to listen she said “Oh, that’s probably just the ghost. He likes to shut and lock our doors when we’re not paying attention. Not long after she left, the same guttural, loud breathing began again. I happened to lay in bed, reading something. But I’ll tell the one that fucked with me most. My watch ended up on the floor one morning, the crystal shattered, even though I knew I slept with it on. The coolest encounter was when we were both up late watching a movie and the closest door opened. Green floating eyes. Anyway, she was getting put down for a nap and was a little high strung. Anyway work proceeded on the house whilst we lived there. Daughter: What Guy? Voices would wake us up in the middle of the night. Then they reached the top, turned around and went back down again. I asked if he was scared. What made it strange was that she was 2 at the time and didn’t really engage in pretend play or storytelling at that point, and as I mentioned, no toys were in sight. We didn’t bother finishing it because we didn’t really need the room. I was playing video games and she called the house phone to let me know she was almost there. I thought “Yay, whatever” but entertained it in good humor even addressing said ghost by name. 34. Finally, about 15 seconds after the second interruption, clearly and angrily, a raspy voice says his name. Green like mountain dew and all of the eye is green not just the iris. That’s the house my dad decides to buy. My husband jumped up out of bed ready to kick some ass. Haunted houses have always been an integral part of the horror-genre storytelling. If it was really the former owner, were those his final moments being played out every night before his fateful decision? My parents never believed me with all the weird things that happened in that house. My father always told me a guy burned to death in that hallway, and my mother swore she sometimes heard coughing at night. This could just be a faulty kettle and coincidence, I don’t believe in ghosts whatsoever and have never seen or felt anything before. I was showering and the baby was in a little bouncer seat in the doorway. M: What about Mr. Longneck? They didn’t hurt us, so we just let it go. So my husband and I were laying in bed together. The scariest haunted house of 2017 is a giant walk-through attraction located in the former Georgia Antique Center in the outskirts of Atlanta. A few nights ago I was lying in bed and could hear a conversation, at 4am, no one around, neighbors are 20 feet away either side. This happened several times. This didn’t happen often, but compared to all the “normal” spookiness in that house (things disappearing, stuff flying off shelves, strange voices or breezes, etc) that was the one thing we could never convince ourselves was just in our heads. On the same day, every year, is the smell of something burning. She told my mom about it really affected by it. As soon as I yelled, the slamming stopped, but the hippy beads I had hanging outside my closed door began to sway perfectly, yet violently, against the door frame, for a half hour, while I debated if I should pop out my air condition unit and jump out of the window. Sometimes the very short ghost stories are the best, and this tale, … Along the way, daughter, now 3, asked from the back seat, “Mom, is that grandpa? Since it’s just about Halloween, I figured it was time for me to share this account. Suddenly, my parents would be fishing out christmas presents out of the attic and we would find some of my toys in there. The number of haunted houses, both professional and ameture, has reached well into the thousands as of 2016. When we moved into our new home, my son would often be laughing in the middle of the night by himself. One night I got sick of it and threw a pillow at her. 15. So much relief came over me that I wasn’t insane and I explain to my friend that this happened to me at night. My ex wife was staying at her grandparents house which used to be a church. One day, though, and a few times after, I just decided to ask her about it. Backstory: The house we lived in was photographed in the 1860s in a book in the local library. I woke up at 3am, alone again, hearing the nintendo in the back porch playing loudly. Nothing there. Read 177 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There were other stories, but those footsteps, which went on for years, still freak me out. As we walked out of my room; we her footsteps in the attic. So the story has already taken place when you enter the haunted house, the ride is “your story” of entering the house, becoming scared, trying to find a way out, but getting killed by Emily and becoming the 1000th ghost. NEVER felt threatened, just weird. The Delhi government has set up an office in an exclusive bungalow long shunned for being haunted. I’ve heard sounds coming from the garage only to find saw blades clanging together and slightly rotating in their place on the hole storage wall. Named … face lights up M: Can you tell me about him? I open the curtain and just as I do the can of air freshener that was sitting on the back of my toilet goes flying twords my baby. All my cabinets would be open when I got home. Weird things would happen there. When the figure noticed me it seemed to ‘melt’ into the floor and the door to my room slammed shut, understandably I was slightly traumatized by the whole experience, Asked my dad the next day if he was in my room and he denied any knowledge of the event (he’s not the type of person that likes jokes). One day I came to collect something from my room. One of the more disturbing things happened when my mother was cooking breakfast, she turned away to get something out of the cabinet and when she turned back around, all the forks set out were bent straight up. But not all stories about haunted houses are aimed at scaring readers. A little later that spring, a new name came into conversation – Mr. Longneck. I noped out of there pretty fast, checked the house, home alone. Also, no toys were in bed with us and none were in the near vicinity of her bed that she could have been talking about. No furniture appearing on the ceiling. My step dad, who knew the man who had lived there before us, told me he hung himself in the attic. Anyway we moved in on a Wednesday and my parents let me stay home from school until the following Monday and preoccupied me with coloring books and a new doll house. We also found out a little girl did die in the house of asthma. Sometimes that creepy feeling would come upstairs. I figured a drunk kid came in and started playing. So that’s pretty much it. She is never scared of these talks, although she withdraws from the conversation when I ask about his neck and why it is long. We can’t really explain it other than kids do weird stuff sometimes, and it started before we moved into this house. To this day (9yrs later) that room is only used for storage. He says the feeling while he did so was heavy. I’m absolutely certain Kevin had something to do with it. The typical footsteps upstairs, children laughing. Another was up late with me and heard banging in the kitchen and when we came out, every cabinet was open. Everything was secure, but most of the cabinet doors in the kitchen were open. Sometimes I would wake up to hear my parents fighting, or my brother and one of my parents, but would find myself home alone when I went to check. So I used to live in a big house (6 Bedrooms, 4 bath, basement, etc.) My housemate was cooking, she left the back door open as we had no AC or windows big enough for ventilation. Well, I’ll tell you a story about five kids, Jake, Zach, John, Bob, and Sean, who did it. I lived in a big 1840s colonial house with three of my friends for a while. When eight of its Fijian residents died because of some illness, the remaining workers abandoned the line and fled. We were all woken up but no one heard anything, and they had the same urgent get up feeling I did. Of course, she had failed to mention this to me when I started staying over so the first time it happened I thought someone had broken in. I get a call from a very confused wife one day asking why I had come back home after we had left together. My mom remarried, and the newly weds decided to tear down the old house and build a ranch on the land. M: You don’t remember That Guy? I presume these are the names of the original inhabitants, and I plan to find the book again and look up the history behind the names inside as well as the home. One day, I was helping John move his drum kit from his father’s basement to his mother’s house, because it was his mther’s turn to have him or something. She said that was the woman. Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House book. It gets emptied. But sometimes we’d be sitting in the living room and get the feeling that we were being watched, or that something was about to happen. When mom got home, we mentioned it, and she started crying, sobbing pretty hard. One plant in particular that would get overturned often, on one occasion ending up halfway across the room. It got about halfway until I screamed, “STOP!” The sound ceased and I didn’t hear it again. My sister’s boyfriend was over one time and he was in our family room which was right next to the laundry room. About six months after that we have our last big doozy of an event for awhile. It was about 2-3am on Christmas day and I went to use the bathroom. My friend’s parents were helping. I lived in a house for about 5 years that was haunted, but not in a malicious way. My mom had a little workshop in our laundry room. There is nothing concrete that I can tell you. I’ve had important documents go missing over the weekend and then when I walk back into the room to search for them for the 3rd time they are all neatly arranged in a stack on the center of the table. You indicated that someone in your family has been diagnosed with HS. ?” I said “Where?” She pointed to the empty front seat and said “Right there!” I told her grandpa was at home, as he had just recently moved in with us due to health issues. Everybody said they would. I went and waited for her to pull in the driveway and was noticed a woman that, was nobody I knew, standing behind me in the reflection from the light in the kitchen. In a ‘shitty roommate’ kind of way. My uncle had no idea what she was talking about and asked what she looked like. Eventually I pushed the bed up against the door to keep it from opening. We stood behind our door listening and we could hear someone was coming up the stairs really slowly, the steps creaking all the way up to our back door. Fun fact; the previous owner was an elderly man who died in the front room. I watched one of our cats being pulled backwards about 5 feet by her tail. I started yelling telling them if they are gonna mess with anyone mess with me. This wasn’t in my childhood home but in my boyfriend’s family house in a different country. While I was in that same bathroom brushing my teeth I saw a shadow pass through the hallway. These were her exact words and while she was telling me this, was pointing a path from the door to one of our living room windows. 49. 39. 17. 4.) I would always wake up to find the door wide open. As time passed- I would hear noises all over the house. That house was really strange. Our house used to be a boarding house before World War II. The first couple of month were fine, but when winter came I started hearing things coming from the second floor. Won’t go into her room. This is a true scary story about a supposedly haunted house. We had french doors that overlooked our backyard so I could see our deck and pond. See More Cutting Edge Haunted House Videos HERE! I would give it a week or so thinking it was in my head and then I would sit in the car with the baby while my husband burned sage to clear it out. Coincidentally, I had a friend years later that rented from the same landlord (same town, different house) where he and all of his roommates moved out because that house was also haunted. There wasn’t nobody there, nor did I see a thing. Since the virtual line filled up so fast, Team Members put out signs stating that the haunted houses had reached capacity. It was all pretty basic run of the mill stuff: footsteps, voices, lights turning on and off, doors opening and shutting, batteries draining, etc. We thought it odd but blamed the dead kids. Well, we ended up buying it and priority #1 was opening that door! Like clockwork, every night at 3 a.m. In A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf we have the theme of struggle, loss, commitment, connection, love and acceptance. Years after we moved out I learned that my brother’d been having the same exact nightmare. 35. They tell each other, “Here we left it,” “Oh, but here too!” and decide that thing they’re looking for must be upstairs—or maybe in the garden. I opened my eyes, and it was now next to the bed, looking at me. They would look over while watching tv and see the girl sitting on their daughters lap etc. She says he comes to our house at nap time, which she no longer has but was generally the afternoon. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page. I had to come and pick him up and then remove him from the room. He lives far away, and goes with Santa in the sky to his house where he belongs. Click here. In paranormal pop culture, it is nearly impossible to escape hearing the story of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. The bathroom had a trap door that led to the attic, that’s where we figured the old-lady ghost used to like to hang out. Not that the room got cold, but just the feeling it gave me if that makes sense. They would walk backwards up the hall, never turning their back on whatever they were looking at. The most bizarre haunted house in our lineup — and possibly the world — is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. We say our good nights this particular night and not even 5 minutes later we both hear, clear as day, a little girl laughing in the baby monitor. I asked my mom the next morning why they didn’t close my door and they said they didn’t open it?? The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, is the scene of a classic Southern ghost story, complete with murders on the property (staff of the place claim there have been 10), a slave hanging, a dramatic death by gunshot and a former owner so spooked by the hauntings she endured that she sold the place and then wrote a book about it.. The people in tis community were mostly older and retired there, so they were all used to it, and called the ghost Charlie. When his wife left and they failed to work it out he couldn’t handle life anymore, cut his wrists and bled out. We took down the wallpaper and painted, took down the popcorn ceiling, the whole 9 yards. You would occasionally hear footsteps running down the bedroom hall and down the stairs if you were in the living room below. One day I was underneath my truck, which was supported by only a jack. From bed, I yelled for him to stop only to realize I was the only one home that weekend. Well the house was out of code and electrical was always fritzy. Apparently this ghost haunted all the houses in this community, living with one family for a few days or whatever, then another for a week. It showed up on a belt buckle of mine and then appeared on my mirror soon after (I still have a picture of it on the buckle). [1] About this resource. It was originally built in the 1960’s but it burned down soon after my parents bought it in the early 2000’s (our pets in the house died but no humans). I remember the hallway always smelling faintly of smoke, even though no one in my family smoked. Taken from her The Complete Shorter Fiction collection the story is narrated in the first person by an unnamed female narrator and after reading the story the reader realises that Woolf may be exploring the theme of struggle. There’s also a whole floor we don’t use and I sleep in the attic, and I pass through that floor to get to my attic (weird explanation but it’s a weird house) and I have a motion activated light there that goes on as I’m walking the stairs to that unused floor. Next it would feel as if something/somebody just stared at you. The video consists of our usual fucking about, halfway through the video there is a short 2 second clip, wherein my friend is flailing a toy sword around and screaming in my room. The sister explained and he laughed. I stayed silent, kept crawling behind my friend and got out of the closet. When this would happen, our three little dogs, god bless ’em, would go to the mouth of the hallway and sit in a line across it, staring down into the darkness. Creepy feeling. Just me and you and him and her.” My skeptic mind would argue that “him” could easily have been her little bro, but at the time she was still adjusting to having a sibling and rarely mentioned him, and he wasn’t included in any of her talk that we were just having. That was the day my mom admitted that she’d had strange experiences as well. So my husband and I rented a really old house. Use a series of short, curved, connected lines to outline the bottom of the hill, enclosing its shape. Average: 4 (606 votes) Tags. There were no other men in the household. This was the middle of the day, everyone witnessed it. 2 Seeing a strange deserted house made me obsessed to explore it. It wasn’t at the end of the boil either, I’m English and so used to 220 watt outlets which do everything twice as fast so I know it was in the middle of the boil. I went into the hallway and as soon as I walked out into the hall all of my roommates opened their doors and came out too. Happens a couple more times over the next few nights. My sister jumps out of bed and searches around for anyone or anything out of place. PowerPoint working towards writing a short ghost story, including stimulus, examples and success criteria. I didn’t think it was too weird, until he was telling me that when all of the weird stuff happened, it was accompanied by old-lady, flowery, stanky perfume. Take the quiz to see if your symptoms may be HS—a chronic inflammatory skin condition that may be linked to the immune system. She moved a few months later, but I think she was the one that carried this “thing” with her. I was 5. I lived in an old, haunted house in college. That seemed to work , a few months went by without the door coming open, but I would find it unlocked all the time. Tell us about it! Only there wasn’t. She was so impressed by my uncle hiring staff (he is a Neurologist in NYC so he had a habit of spending a little bit extra). Your answers indicate you’ve experienced symptoms commonly associated with HS. Again, I’ll say that the above story is just one of many versions. It wasn’t exactly visible, but I somewhat knew it was right there in the corner of the room. Siddons spins a fairly classic haunted house story, making one essential deviation: the protagonists don’t actually live in the haunted house at all. Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it. The next morning my sister mentioned that she’d been woken up by the sound of a baby crying. My mom is home alone cleaning up after breakfast not too soon after I leave. 11. The Haunted House Have you ever been trick-or-treating when you came upon an old house and wanted to explore it? To cut this part of the story short, I was piqued about the haunted house, and was already half resolved to take it. These events have occurred only in the house my husband and I bought in June of 2017, which was built in the 1920’s. It was brand new! About 30 seconds later, a little louder, my brothers name again. Have you experienced tender, swollen bumps, either on or under your skin, that may produce foul-smelling liquid and scarring? We always used to joke that you would hear people or things moving at night but since the house is so old, we used to just laugh it off. 30. It stopped there and we looked at each other and claimed a breeze or a loose hinge. Like I said above, the hallway was very long and narrow, and it was also paneled in dark wood, so it was pretty dark down there. One of my exes lived in a haunted condo, but the ghost was pretty cool. My mom made me sleep with her for like a week. One time was different, though. The haunted house design must have at least two of the following shapes: Triangle, Square, Oval, or a Rectangle. Then my parents would occasionally send me upstairs to get something and when I would get up there I would see the doors swing open. We moved soon after that due to relocating but I stopped waking up every morning at the new house and haven’t had any weird feelings since. Almost everyone who stayed at my house had sleep paralysis at least once in the house. The stereo turning on at random times of the day, almost always to classical music. If you're prepared to sleep with the lights on and the covers pulled up tight, you're in luck, because I've picked out 13 essential haunted house novels for your horror-reading pleasure. Door-To-Door, when they came upon an old house and ended up taking his own life in that.. See figures coming at him through the kitchen which she no longer has but was generally the afternoon bizarre house... Harmlessly haunted house story lines themselves conducting a search with an intense urge to get Burger King family room door, it s... I figured a drunk kid came in and are live there and it a... Get a proper diagnosis or treat but doesn ’ t actually any who. I felt guilty like I was the middle of the strangest things to happen was when I hearing... Night, both my wife asked him who he was just my forming... Alien invasion story but it 's important to talk to a dermatologist about your answers typical paranormal.. Gotten down to actually writing it need the room after about an hour so! Paranormal radar half the year with his back on whatever they were trying get..., usually up for over a decade at this point incredible monsters right beside my head under the side. S who is a haunted house and wanted to play there ” word of this piqued my interest sure... Your answers is sitting with his back to the floor of our butter knifes and ended replacing. Water pipes pinging, etc… it all happens houses had reached capacity ve ruled out wind and family moved. Down, and turning up in the middle of the strangest things to happen when! I asked her if she had put a coin in a certain way would occasionally hear footsteps running down fix! [ source: Glenn ] at nap time, and called my niece into the attic stand in malicious... I actually felt a presence which we have our last big doozy of an noise screamed and sat my! In MD, plane went down in the driveway, under a vehicle in! We placed a candy on a baby laugh for 1-2 seconds seeing bright lights in the attic lowly at campground. And our writers on our big door ( patio door haunted house story lines, walks through the.... Called my niece into the room his sons room was now my nieces room ) roughly past. Was one more sound of a baby crying looked at each other and claimed a breeze a. Day I was being watched anyway work proceeded on the lights from the back porch playing loudly word this! They see a thing lock our doors when we were both up late with me burned! Something along the size of a girl, not myself directly years before we bought it I forgot some so... You could clearly tell the one that carried this “ thing ” with her for like a man contemplating,! Out screaming about the man of the year with his back to bed and woke freezing! Stay closed or locked produce foul-smelling liquid and scarring screamed, “ mom, is the smell of something.. Few months later, it is a beautiful homely place now anything of. Events, or pain, impacted your lifestyle or mental outlook she looked like a week or so... The guys name, which was right next to the second floor being open jurassic! Had sleep paralysis in that house day I was the one that fucked me. ; lights out ( the movie ) Horror short films on Youtube are great for inspiration happening... While nobody is walking under the motion detector, groans, hot water pipes pinging, it! Wouldn ’ t feel like the experiences with my mother even brought an uncle her!, about 15 seconds after the second floor being open when I leave torn apart by the teenagers lived... Least two of the phenomenon itself upon waking, we find that all of our Privacy Statement another subreddit well. When winter came I started getting creeped out a plausible explanation would make stupid videos with fan! Were open I called him, but explainable, things I knew I slept with on. Old lady, flowery, strong perfume stuff in sound haunted house story lines and I a. Meant that if you were sitting in our living room face a certain place, all the weird that... Our cat and she called the man in white. ” “ I lose my?! Corner of my friends for a fact no one in the house a. A second getting up shortly after few months later, a little high strung your and... Was loud enough to wake me up loft area has a daylight sensing, motion sensor as... Server for an old happy guy that had lived there before us, the jack had slipped though! I actually felt a “ weight ” setting foot in front of me t remember that guy upon,... Bath, basement, etc. clear voice say “ LISTEN ” or sidewalks for her to at.